September 10, 2009

Video for Johnny Foreigner's "Criminals" Is Here!

[UPDATE: This video has been exclusivized to another web site for the weekend. We'll get the embed back come Monday. Sorry for the interruption in your Clicky Clicky service Looks like the video is back already! Thanks Internets!! -- Ed.] “Criminals,” you may recall, has been annointed the second single from the forthcoming sophomore set Grace And The Bigger Picture by Birmingham, England-based indie titans Johnny Foreigner. There will be two b-sides appended when the single is released Oct. 12 (digital-only, sadly) through all the typical online storefronts (ITunes, 7Digital, et cetera and hopefully including EMusic for the U.S.). Anyway, those b-sides? They’re titled “Things We Should Have Left On The Beach” and “Palace Fires” respectively, which apparently “are super new notheardbefore songs recorded in our practice room and at kel and juns house by dom james. there’s also a lovely desktop wallpaper thing and a whole bag of love that isn’t exactly tangible, it just pours out of your screen and bathes you.” "Criminals" follows the release of the earlier single "Feels Like Summer" as a free download late last spring.

As far as pending full-length Grace And The Bigger Picture is concerned, the album art is complete, but not yet in the proverbial wild. A special edition of the set -- which will be issued by Best Before Records 26 Oct. -- will be packaged with a DVD of the band performing a live set that will be filmed in London this Saturday. So while pre-orders for the full-length can already be made through Banquet Records and HMV, we'd advise you to hold off so you can make sure you are ordering the expanded jawn with the live DVD, yeh? Are we up to speed on all things Johnny Foreigner? Probably not, but we'll get there.


Sebastian said...

Head's up: it's coming up as a private video that needs a password.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sebastian, that was brought to my attention earlier today via Johnny Forumer. The clip is exclusively with RockSound over the weekend, but it will be back here on Monday. Patience mon frere!