October 11, 2004

"I could take you places, do you need a new man?" - Interpol

Monday Monday MONDAY! It was quite a pleasant long weekend. Stayed in and packed Friday for our quick jump down to Philly for Amy's cousin's wedding Saturday. Which was really very nice. The reception was at the Kimmel Center up in its roof garden, which was pretty stellar. Sunday Amy shopped while I walked around behind her, taking time to pick up Ms. John Soda's No P. Or D. at Tower. The weather was great. We whiled away the afternoon with Tito and his lady friend in Rittenhouse Square and at the Irish Pub. The wife and I dined at Mama Palma's and had after dinner drinks at this seemingly new retro-Cuban place called Alma De Cuba. Then we headed back to our room at the Westin, where we caught an episode of The Wire, which was really very, very good. So that's the wrap for the weekend. Tho I should mention being able to drink La Colombe coffee all weekend was totally the bomb.

If the Titans beat the Pack tonight, I get $92. I spose I should go check on the score. Big Yankees-Sox series. The stuff is quite exciting. Almost as exciting as the final presidential debate, which is Wednesday. Big month coming up people. Even 7th Heaven, which the wife likes to watch, was beating the voting horse tonight.

I scored a lot of great records recently. Spurred by a post by the newly revitalized Beester, I went out Thursday and scored the new Interpol record, Antics. I also got Brian Wilson's SMiLE and New Order's Power, Corruption and Lies"> (because it was on sale for $9). I don't know what people were expecting from Interpol, but people seem a little underwhelmed with the new record. I think it is great. The guitars are more reverby and shiny and Paul Banks' voice is significantly more forceful and, as a result, less textured. But the songs are great, and I recommend the record. I am a touch disappointed with SMiLE. As I think CRM said, Wilson's voice has aged and he tackles some songs in a lower register than he had on the original bootlegs. And I think some of the segments have been re-written with shinier, major chordal arrangements that gives the new version of "Child Is The Father Of The Man," for example, a joyous feel, whereas the version I have on my Salty Records release is a touch more ominous sounding. The soft quality of the bootlegs also gives the older version a different tone overall than the bootleg. Anyway, it is enjoyable, but different.

Tune in to Radio TeapotHill tomorrow night, when I will play some of all of the above. That is all.

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