October 19, 2004

"I'd rather listen to Thin Lizzy, oh." - Belle and Sebastian

some interesting stuff:

Belle and Sebastian are promoting their single "I'm A Cuckoo" with a flash-based game. I am not much of a gamer, so perhaps many of you will think this is really lame, but check out the game and the song at one and the same time. My favorite song from Dear Catastrophe Waitress, by the way.

ILM has all the info on the surprise, nay, shocking live appearance by outsider music posterboy and unfathomable music enigma Jandek at a Glaswegian music festival. I don't think I have ever heard more than one song by the guy, but I got totally sucked in by the myth via a Junkmedia feature that detailed the making of the Jandek on Corwood documentary that came out this past summer. I missed the screening of the documentary, so I may have to drop the $20 and buy the forthcoming DVD, which apparently is now available for pre-order.

Of admittedly less importance is my discovery over the weekend that The Ocean Blue, a noted PA-based college rock band that aped elements of the Smiths and Ride and landed on Sire Records in the late 80s, has continued to make music perhaps up to the present day. I've alway been a big fan of their record Cerulean, but only just over the weekend did I get it ripped to my ITunes. Anyway, according to Allmusic, the band left Sire in 1994 and then had a brief stint at Mercury before ending up releasing their own music. Along the way they apparently booted an original member who claims he was showed the door for being gay. I have heard their first record, too, but I would be interested to hear what they sounded like in subsequent years.

Schilling just threw a ball at A-Rod's head in the bottom of the first. That's good stuff.

That is all.

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