April 14, 2005

"Be a Lemonhead or don't be anyone, be a Lemonhead and don't complain." - The Elevator Drops.

We love the new, or at least new to us, feature in The Onion's AV Club called Yesterday's Tomorrows. Partly because this is the kind of stuff we think about a lot, and partly because, we crap you negative, we just last week ripped our copy of Ned's Atomic Dustbin's Godfodder to our iPod and were rocking out to it. We support AV Club's assertion that NAD's second record was really not bad, and while it would be hard to bump "Happy" from the top slot in our mental estimation of the relative worth of Ned's songs, the song "Two and Two Made Five" is a very close second. We used to have this second record, Are You Normal?, on the flipside of a cassette that had The Lemonheads' Hate Your Friends on it as well, which meant it got more than it's fair share of scrutiny from us whilst walking the hallowed halls of Universitas Bucknellensis for the time we were there. Of course, to most people the band was just a bunch of really bad haircuts. But they were that and.. well, a little more.

This band is ripping off The Elevators Drops, who put on a supremely rocking and freakish live show at Wesleyan once. They came to the show in an 18-Wheeler! They acted like robots overdosing on heroin! They wore creepy white face paint! One guy played a Fender Iceman! Anyway, here are the guys ripping off the ED's stizz, at least logo-wise, courtesy of SplendidEZine. Splendid also has a nice review of the Dungen record people have been going gaga over for the last six months.

While poking around for information about Ride's excellent Today Forever EP we came across this very detailed account of the band's recording history. The site claims Today Forever was released as a CD and videos are available for all the songs. We would be overjoyed to encounter such things used on the EBay, and in fact we've got our eyes on a couple sunning themselves there right now. It also notes a collection of unreleased recordings that was packaged as part of the OX4 box set. We may have to get that.

Death Cab talks about recording their forthcoming record in Massachusetts. Rolling Stone is there.

The "We Didn't Know That" File": Whilst wondering about the Miracle Legion again recently in the wake of our recent post about The Halo Bit, we learned rock band recording guy "Red" Lasus is cousins with a guy who was in Miracle Legion. More about Red, who recorded virtually all of the Haywood stuff, and his studio here.

Coming Up: Revisiting Manta Ray's Manta Ray Gives The World Away.

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