April 11, 2005

"Whatcha gonna do when I quit trying to bring you back to life?" - Kam Fong.

Word on the street is that the forthcoming White Stripes record is to be titled "Get Behind Me Satan." Long-time readers and Fongophiles will know that this is the title of one of the more popular latter-period Kam Fong songs. In our ILM post we remarked to no one in particular that it really sucks that the White Stripes are going to turn this phrase into millions of dollars, while the almighty KF guys did what they could with it and then laid it down to go (eventually) back to straight jobs. It all smacks a little bit of capital U Universal Unfairness. Fortunately another ILM poster called us out as being whiners, rightfully so, to sort of bring us back to reality. But that doesn't lessen the tiny sting. Anyway, and for the record, here is Kam Fong's "Get Behind Me Satan." And a reminder: KamFong.com is still under development, and when it launches it is going to have a motherlode of music and other content. So yeehaw.

Eagle-eyed reader MLE, admitted to practice in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, points us to the New York Times' hard-hitting expose on what is on George Bush's IPod. Warning: you'll wish you had the three minutes back after you read it. In a nutshell: No surprise, W listens to what someone else tells him to listen to. The article claims it is a personal aide who loads him up, but we think Cheney is probably hand-selecting the tunes.

It appears that Lali Puna is about to release a two-disc odds 'n' sods come summer, according to Boomkat's web site, something Fluxblog obliquely refers to without actually referring to in a post today that includes an MP3 presumably from the set. We were bonkers for Lali Puna five years ago, and are still pretty bonkers about their last full-length, which perfected the big-guitar/electonic sound, in our opinion.

We read with great interest a feature in Sunday's New York Times magazine (believe us, it hurts to write a sentence that snooty - we never read NYT except for the music stuff on the web site. This was a special occasion) about TV ratings. It is a lengthy piece, but it is worth devoting your time to if you are interested in any way in the media, be it from the content, programming or advertising side. Basically, the discussion goes that by measuring the media that people are actually exposed to, rather than what they say they consume, the entire ideology behind the value of various media is going to dramatically shift. This will result is a seachange in terms of the division and allocation of ad dollars, and in turn production dollars, and in turn marketing dollars. All fairly fascinating. Perhaps this has something to do with why we couldn't find Charmin at the supermercado this week?

For all you old guys out there: EmptyFree bemoans the lack of new Psychedelic Furs material, and talks a bit about the current and preceding PF tour.

That is all.

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