April 16, 2005

"There's no way to collapse the lung..."- Dinosaur Jr.

A brief post to say we can't stop watching the Dinosaur Jr. performance of "The Lung" from last night's Late Late Show (this web site sucks, don't go), only our favorite Dinosaur Jr. jam. Can't find video to link to yet, but we're sure someone like Stereogum or Chromewaves will have a link up by Monday. So J muffed a chord change or two, and sang characteristically around being in tune, and Barlow looked pretty bored. Murph just murphed out. Mascis has really become quite rotund, hasn't he? We've seen him in random places over the last five years or so, but we probably haven't seen him in about two years. We wonder if the weight affects his fingering when he plays? Not that he is really heavy. But he isn't really showing off his figure right now rocking the dyed Cousin It hair and over-sized green soccer jacket. Anyhoo, keep your eye out for the footage.

One other note: pursuant to our discussion of the Elevator Drops the other day, Brighaaaam pointed out that one of the band's principals continues on in an act called The Texas Governor, which has great songs at their MySpace page and plays Cambridge's Middle East tonight. Perhaps we'll check it out. Feels like we've been missing out on this.

That is all.

UPDATE: Check the comments for a link to the Dinosaur Jr. footage archived on the Free So Free fan site. Thanks Frank! We'll be posting more later today, including some gushing about how good the Bonnie "Prince" Billy show was last night.

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frank said...

there's downloads of the Late Late Show performance here:


you gotta register, though. J looks weird...