April 6, 2005

"I know it don't thrill you, I hope it don't kill you." - Elvis Costello.

This is completely insane. Might we suggest you check out "Jump"?

Clicky Clicky Healthbeat: It is definitely a stroke of good luck when you are working it out on the treadmill and Fu Manchu's "Evil Eye" comes on to take you through the last three minutes or so. Few songs can inspire the same degree of fist-banging mania. Next favorite cardio song currently: Drive Like Jehu's "Superunison." We here at Clicky Clicky are pondering a Music Development Program CD designed for use in the gym. We need to acquire digital versions of Judge's Bringin' It Down and Uniform Choice's Screaming For Change before we can make significant headway on such a mix, however. Why not leave your favorite indie rock songs or playlists for the gym in the comments? It will help us grow.

Am in receipt of Smashing Pumpkins' Gish as well as Lull EP and 1991 Peel Sessions. The bass guitar on Gish sounds really great, it just has really great intonation and resonance, not a lot of attack, just a nice low punch that walks around under the guitars.

MLE, admitted to practice in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, points us to this Elliot Smith site, which recently updated its collection of rare ES stuff.

Damon of Damon & Naomi (formerly Galaxie 500, of course) is cranky and blogging this past week at STG.

Chromewaves nicely encapsulates that which is Velocity Girl, whose song "Wake Up, I'm Leaving" has been on our mind a lot lately. We once saw Velocity Girl in Philly touring in support of Copacetic. Sunny Day Real Estate opened, though we didn't see all of their set from what we recall. We do, of course, recall Sunny Day being awesome, and Sarah Shannon from V-Girl wearing shiny pants. We didn't know about the alleged reunion that sounds frozen in the works, or about the Excellent Online comp track that Frank thoughtfully links to. Check it out. We love Chromewaves, who are admittedly as stuck on '90s indie rock as we are.

Those as frustrated as we were with the slim pickins on the Dinosaur Jr reissues can seek some solace from The Good Doctor, who has posted a demo version of "Freak Scene" that is just the sort of thing we would have hoped to find on the Bug reissue.

"I spent the rest of the day inspiring those around me, uplifting the downtrodden, and generally hiding out in the office." Classic Two-Can.

"I’ll eat your head off. With cereal."Classic 11-year-old, a.k.a best workplace newsletter ever.

That is all.

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Jay said...

Hey mang,

This is the playlist I listened to four times while running the NYC Marathon in 2003 (I only had a 64MB Rio 600 back then). It kept me sufficiently motivated and rockimafied:

* You Didn't Need--Rollins Band
* Unsung--Helmet
* Bed for the Scraping--Fugazi
* Negative Creep--Nirvana
* In 'n' Out of Grace--Mudhoney
* Leash--Pearl Jam
* Youth Against Fascism--Sonic Youth
* What's Going On--Husker Du
* That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate--Mission of Burma
* The Wagon--Dinosaur Jr.
* Hit the Plane Down--Pavement
* Kerosene--Big Black
* Evil Eye--Fu Manchu
* Killed by Death--Motorhead