April 25, 2005

"Hurry up, hurry up, hurry." - Fudge.

Holy crap, New York Hardcore behemoths Bold reformed and just played two reunion shows. A little blurb and some MP3s, including the excellent "Nailed to the X," are here at the R5 Productions site [scroll down to April 23rd]. As Catbirdseat points out, the R5 page is excellent in that it has a lot of MP3s, so make sure to snoop around. That said, guess it's time to dig out C. Jones' hand-screened BOLD T. [UPDATE: I can't believe it, the Bold post has already rotated off the R5 page and we hadn't grabbed the MP3s. Damn. Well, back to searching EBay.]

You can stream the new NIN record over at Scenestars. We did. It is pretty good. We kind of gave up on the band after The Downward Spiral because Reznor's lyrics were always in the same meter and it got to the point where you could pretty much predict what would come out of his mouth next because of the obvious and strict adherence to rhyme scheme. So, besides a cursory listen to The Fragile, this is the first time we've paid attention to NIN in about a decade. And we're glad we've come around again. Reznor's seems to have shed his predilection for sounding mercilessly heavy, and that makes this record incredibly listenable.

Tiny Mix Tapes has the shizzy on the Stereolab box set that drops this week. We've been snooping around for a copy of The Noise of Carpet EP, perhaps we'll just bite the bullet and buy this comp instead, as it includes TNOC and so much more. Or maybe we'll just continue to be cheap bastards and keep searching for the EP.

Here's a really funny show flyer for a Joey Sweeney show. We don't know whether it is Sweeney making fun of himself (which would be brilliant) or others making fun of Sweeney. But the quotes from various publications are GOLD. My favorite is Crewcial.org's typically brutal promise: "We're going to stab him in the face."

So how about a song then? Deep in the dark recesses of all things Lilys are some obscure notations of wondrous things one cannot get one's hands on. Like tracking the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail, there are only mysterious texts to guide us or to suggest the existence of certain items we would be very, very excited to lay hands on. Such as the several videos noted at the bottom of this Lilys discography. Or recordings referred to as The Station Tapes or Lilys in 1992. One thing that seems like it may be easier to turn up one day is the Simple Machines Records Neapolitan Metropolitan triple 7" box set (on colored vinyl, natch). We hope to acquire this set one day, but in the meantime we often enjoy listening to a rip of a cassette dub of one of the songs, Fudge's "Montpelier Train." According to the FAQ at the Lilys fan site, there is some linkage way back between the Lilys and Fudge, and the site's information points to a double 7" on Brilliant Records as one of the earliest Kurt Heasley compositions. Yet another thing to search out. Anyhoo, enjoy "Montpelier Train."

Speaking of old relatively D.C.-oriented rock, here are some pictures of Eggs practicing for the Teenbeat reunion show they played. Wish we'd been there. More about Eggs here. This page pointed us to Rob Christiansen's band's page, which pointed us the these Wimp Factor 14 MP3s! We'd be substantially happier to find MP3s from the Vehicle Flips' "In Action," but this does a good job of filling that hole.

That is all.

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hey jay -- in case you hadn't noticed, the lilys' back catalogue has been added to rhapsody. check it:

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