April 26, 2005

"If you open your mouth I can't be held responsible..." - The Cure.

According to this post at ILM, The Glove's Blue Sunshine will be reissued and expanded within the context of The Cure reissues that are currently in the offing. We sold our copy of Blue Sunshine a long time ago, but maybe, just maybe, we'll be compelled enough to purchase the re-issue. We don't know why. Besides "This Green City" and "Like An Animal" we can't really recall getting much out of the record. Guess we're just hopeless optimists. In related news, the reissue of Faith streeted today, as did the revamped 17 Seconds and Pornography. That's a quick way to blow through about $70, innit? Well, not exactly. We strolled over to the Newbury Comics at Government Center today at 2:15PM EST and they were sold out of all three releases that came out today. They were going to be restocked by this evening, so no harm done. But we were really surprised at the demand.

While searching for info about the BOLD reunion we came across this news item that states that the Judge and Bold discographies will see re-release in late June. So perhaps we'll just wait for the realio dealios to hit the racks again and buy retail. More about it here.

In case you live under a rock and don't read Stereogum, here is a link to an animated video for Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #3." It is pretty intense, although you will wish that it was a little bigger.

Bradley's Almanac tips us off that in a month Ryko will release a James Kochalka Superstar DVD. Kochalka is an old WESU favorite, the man behind the ridiculous song "Magic Finger."

Vinyl Journey/Vinyl Mine (which is it, anyway?) revisits the first Squirrel Bait record and has some good things to say about it, nerddom and revenge. There are really good links accompanying the piece, too.

Chromewaves points us to the trailer for the forthcoming Flaming Lips documentary Fearless Freaks.

Indie Kids
is back and operational. Resume reading it.

Indie Workshop reports that Slint is auctioning off the gear they used during the recent reunion tour. To us this seems somewhat akin to cutting up the tree that fell on your father, but we don't know why it strikes us that way.

In case Scenestars' NIN album stream goes down, you can catch it here at the NIN MySpace hizzy. Since we're already basically reprinting The Gum's material, anyway. H-Dawg from Accounts Receivable sent us a link to information about Reznor's offering up the component parts of some of the songs from the record for fans to remix using Apple's Garageband app. Check it out.

Coming Up: Thoughts on Pavement's Slow Century; Small 23; June of 44.

That is all.

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