April 1, 2005

"Read the Metro section, read the metro section..." - Silver Jews

[Sick Day Bonus Post/Pope Death Watch]

Earlier this week we Bostonites had the opportunity to catch a theatrical showing of the new Morrissey DVD. Clicky Clicky dutifully skipped it in favor of a quiet evening at home, but you can get a full rundown over at Bradley's Almanac.

Chromewaves shocks us by admitting never having listened to the Archers of Loaf, but returns promptly to our good graces by linking us to this AOL tribute site that we'd never seen before. Includes mucho live bootlegs for tradeseys.

If you can read, you can read an old (although we don't know how old, it is around the time of the release of Precollections) Magnet inteview with Kurt Heasley of the Lilys here. It is particularly interesting in that it captures and discusses with Heasley the crazy leaps and bounds his mind makes. The interview also includes the outlandish Lilys member-count: the band, according to Heasley at the time of the interview, has had 63 members. That must be approaching Menudo-ish proportions, no?

That is all.

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