April 15, 2005

"I never should have said the books that you read were all I loved you for." - The Sundays.

It was another big mail week at Clicky Clicky, or at least the latter portion, which saw dropped on our desk The Sunday's Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, Bedhead's initial four-song EP (recorded with two microphones in a church in a single take, with an amazin cover of Joy Division's "Disorder") and, most exciting of all, the gargantuan 1981 box set/compilation we've discussed previously and has been discussed ad nauseum at this ILM thread. The package is very nice, and the liner notes, although not annotated, tell the story of the creation of the compilation in a charmingly earnest fashion. Everyone should get this, the price is definitely right. Of course, our opinion could change after we listen to it all. But we suspect it won't.

Merge has posted Dinosaur Jr. tour dates. We can't believe we, and the majority of the Nozie posse, no less, are going to be on vacation that week. Balls.

Titanic German electronic music label Kompakt opens its own MP3 shoppe. Pitchfork is there two weeks later.

Gotta love Philly. Check the lede on this story.

That is all.

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