April 5, 2005

"A denim jacket I haven't worn since March..." - The Trouble With Sweeney.

We think it is worth noting the digital release of the Smashing Pumpkins catalog, which we just breezed through over at ITunes and discussed a little on ILM today. It is really a monumental amount of music, and more of it is good than you can really expect from one band. Even if you draw the line at Siamese Dream, as many do -- no, screw that -- even if you draw the line at Gish, their first proper full length, you are left with a lot of great music. Our favorite number from that joint is "Snail," followed closely on by "Rhinocerous" and "Tristessa." Those songs equate to springtime for us. So it is nice that Corgan et al. have obliged us with today's release. It wasn't really until the spring of '93 that Gish really sunk in for us, despite the best efforts of Woods, who bought that shizzing (on cassette) shortly after Caroline released it in 1991. Anyhow, we plunked down a half dozen dollars (including shipping) for a used copy of Gish this morning, so it will be springtime here in Cambridge soon enough.

That is all.


Jay said...

The Pumpkins were awesome circa Gish and Siamese Dream, but they started losing me with Melon Collie. Their brand of the rizzock lent itself to pomposity, but when Corgan transformed into Uncle Fester and started wearing capes and shit, I was done with him. Nevertheless, the first two albums are great and there are some selected good tunes sprinkled amongst the crap on the rest of their stuff. Werd.

jbreitling said...

I hear dat Koomahhhhhh! I should have my hands on the Lull EP sometime soon too, which I will be glad to hear.