April 10, 2005

"Don't walk in on my friends." - Love as Laughter

Spent some pleasant hours traversing the Southeastern Pennsylvania countryside in a convertible over the weekend, this particular weekend being a Judas Priest weekend on one of the major Philadelphia rock radio stations. Which meant a little "Heading Out to the Highway," some "Hellbent for Leather." Besides the simple pleasures of commercial radio, we were also pleased to lock onto Franklin & Marshall's WFNM for some White Stripes and other indie rock delights.

Spent part of the evening downloading our monthly staple from EMusic, which so far has included Unwound's Repetition and Love As Laughter's 1996 effort The Greks Bring Gifts (featuring some hot cuts including "Youth Are Plastic" and "It's Only Lena"). The latter act, spearheaded by former Lync honcho Sam Jayne, has a forthcoming record called "Laughter's Fifth" that is atop our pile of discs that we need to review for Junkmedia.

We're expecting shipments this week of a couple hot old records including Drop Nineteens' excellent Delaware, an out of print shoegazer classic that includes hot numbers including "Winona," "Kick the Tragedy" and the title track. Since the joint is out of print, look for us to post a track or two later this week.

That is all.

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