April 27, 2005

"If there's no sense of impending danger, then there's no sense in hanging around." - Get Up Kids.

Deep thoughts on Pavement's Slow Century DVD:

1. Slanted + Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain are the (beautiful and amazing) sounds of the youth you can never recapture.

2. Stephen Malkmus has the kind of face that looks different every time you look at it. And we don't think it is a gained weight/lost weight thing. It might be a haircut thing. But it is completely fascinating. It made watching the DVD really interesting. Perhaps not so strangely then, the rail thin 1992-era Malkmus, particularly as seen in the amazing shoegazey and powerful video for "Here," looks a lot like Lilys' Kurt Heasley of the same time period. We saw Mudhoney Saturday with the Noizers and noted that Mark Arm also has a similar sort of look -- perhaps its the nose. Though not as similar as Malkmus and Heasley of 13 years or so ago.

3. This DVD is amazing. Must purchase own copy.

Finally, according to this web site there is an "easter egg" hidden in the DVD. Must remember to check this out.


Picked up the new Stereolab comp yesterday during the failed attempt to get the reissue of The Cure's Faith. After watching the accompanying DVD last night, we've come to the realization, probably about 10 years after everyone else, that Laetitia Sadler is a bit of a looker, isn't she?

Great stack of promos in from Junkmedia HQ: forthcoming Notwist comp, and Colleen and Starflyer 59 discs.

That is all.

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