June 29, 2005

"And could you draw us with some picture-perfect friends?" - Say Hi To Your Mom.

Things are pretty slow right now. In lieu of actual content tonight we'll just share our forthcoming schedule: Due to various weddings and vacations, Clicky Clicky will be off-line from the 8th to the 18th of July. During which time we will not be seeing Dinosaur Jr., or attending Pfork's Intonation festival, or a number of other things. Instead we'll be sitting on a beach and drinking beer and reading and listening to music for most of that time. There'll probably be a few more posts in the coming week, but let's not expect any miracles.

Cleaning out the Inbox, then:

You may not know that The Postman, a.k.a. the one-time Kam Fong bassist Ryan Widger, is a talented photographer. He has a new Internet Home Page here. Dig it. We think we'll post a picture of Widger rocking out some 9 years ago in a few minutes. So check back.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

he now is living in stockholm on a fulbright fellowship. he sublets from month to month making photographs in other peoples houses with other peoples things.