June 6, 2005

"Superfreak get on your feet and throw your secret signs." - Halo Benders.

Music.For-Robots gets the royal treatment from NYT. The piece includes the interesting tidbit (we love hard numbers) that the Robots have only sold 150 CDs, or 15% of their inventory, in the first two weeks since the disc came out. Meaning that our earlier exhortation to go buy the CD a couple weeks ago for fear that it would sell out was well off the mark. All the same, we think the disc is pretty listenable. Ultimately it will probably just sit on the shelf we've designated for comps and jazz in our guest room, gathering dust somewhere between A Dog So Large I Cannot See Past It and This Is Harrisburg Not Topeka (Scroll down -- Targo, Torgo, it's all ball bearings...). But even if viewed as purely a vehicle for the new Haywood cut, $10 bucks seems a pretty fair price.

Coolfer rounds up a few pre-release hype-builder interviews with Coldplay. Stereogum rounds up people hatin' on the band; Pareles' piece in the NYT makes a very sound argument that neatly ticks off all the reasons Coldplay can be annoying.

executes a much-needed and solid redesign. We really couldn't feel the flow of the old model. This is a marked improvement. We're still not so crazy about some of the CD reviewers' stizz, but the site has broad coverage and a decent news product.

MysticalBeast runs down the ins and outs of TeenBeat's The Teenbeat Story: Superstars On 45 comp. Unfortunately, he doesn't highlight the tunes from it we'd most want to hear, but it is an interesting piece of reading if you are a fan of the label.

Tommy Tutone will (attempt to) rock that awful NBC show this week, and we guarantee sometime this week we will post Fitz of Depression's awesome "867-5309 (Jenny)" cover to compensate for the certain disappointment we won't be able to tear ourselves away from.

That is all.

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