June 9, 2005

"What's left over to stay on for, already told her I loved her." - Haywood.

Another coincidence in the Land of Clicky Clicky. Turns out our very own Reader #6, better known to some as "that guy from Haywood" or "this dude who works at MTV," made the promo we heard but didn't see last night that used the Say Hi To Your Mom song. You can watch the promo here in some odd TV advert industry rag we'd never heard of. Anyway, you can do a search at that site under Reader #6's [insert preferred higher power]-given name and find a couple other commercials he wrote and directed, including a really funny one called "T-Bone." We have to say, we hate 99% of MTV's shows (if only they would put that 'roided up MTV stuff with the indie rock onto basic cable!), but these spots are great. There is an article about the spots, which are part of a larger ad campaign, here, but it's pretty critical. So screw them. We think they mispelled "ensconsed" anyway.

Buddyhead. Back with a vengeance. To whit: "The Used & My Chemical Romance 'joining forces' on that Queen cover reminds me of that time I had a migraine and explosive diarrhea at the same time." Also features a great collection of Liam Gallagher quotes. Fun. As Catbirdseat exclaimed earlier, "Buddyhead update days are good days."

Bars & Guitars has some nice things to say about the Slow Dazzle record, and has posted a track from the album. The blogger has his Mendoza Line songwriting fractions wrong, but we forgive him.

Hey, go grab the Hockey Night track posted at Music.For-Robots, it smokes in a Strokes kind of way.

Hit Me Baby One More Time is just starting on NBC. We are both excited and fearful to see the historically great Tommy Tutone. The studio audience is totally nuts tonight. We wonder if the crowd noise is fake. Probably. Anyway, The Knack open the show and they are pretty sharp. They even look pretty well. Seems like the songs aren't as horribly truncated this week, but still truncated. The Knack are going to play that rockin' Jet song later in the show. That sounds promising. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for Tutone.

That is all.


Jay said...

Hey, what ended up happening on that show? I saw Tutone, the Motels and Vanilla Ice play their own hits; didn't see the covers or find out the results. Seemed like the audience went supernuts for "Ice Ice Baby." Another question: the vocals were live, but do you think the instruments were? I noticed that the Tutone guys were not plugged in at all and doing a lot of jumping around. Unless they all had wireless setups, and it didn't appear that they did, I suspect they recorded the instrumental tracks earlier and then did live vocals. Very cheesy.

jbreitling said...

Ice won. I think some instruments are live, the backing vocals for background singers not in the band are always fake. I just assumed there were wireless set-ups but I didn't spend too much time looking. I was disappointed with Tutone. And the guy from the Knack couldn't hit the demanding vocals on the Jet song. I think Ice sort of cheated, because his version of the Destiny's Child song, as far as I could tell, just used the hook from the song and then he and his crew had their own rhymes. Seems unfair to me. On the whole, though, the musicianship was a notch or two above the first week.

Jay said...

I heard the beginning of the Jet cover, and yeah, it didn't sound so hot. I was cracking up at how the crowd was going beserk for bands like the Motels and Tommy Tutone, when you know that the majority of the kids in that audience had no effin' clue who they were. The kids in the crowd just want to get on TV, and each of these bands is far enough down the toilet that they're willing to lip-sync a little and make nice with some Scottish bozo. Probably worth, because each of them will likely see a boost in their record sales as a result.

Jay said...
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