June 12, 2005

"And smile in reassurance as you whisper down the phone..." - Pink Floyd.

We are sure we will ultimately be disappointed by it, but news broke today that Pink Floyd will reunite with Roger Waters for Bob Geldof's Live 8 festival. We just can't imagine the band will run out of the proverbial baseline a bit -- the gratification of the crowd who thirsts for FM radio hits will probably be too hard to deny. We would love if they played More front to back, but that's unlikely. Of course, the announcement does little to quell criticism that the event is too Anglo-Saxon. Anyway, Waters apparently has not played live with the band since 1981. We can't remember that far back, but we guess that means the band did not tour in support of The Final Cut, a record we loved in 7th Grade, during which we transcribed the lyrics to many of the songs onto the required brown paper textbook jackets of most of our books. The Final Cut was recently redeemed by Pitchfork's Chris Ott. We've always loved how melodic the record was, and were glad somebody finally stood up for it, whether the record represents the band or just Waters, we don't care.

We promised last week to re-post Fitz of Depression's version of the Tommy Tutone hit "867-5309 (Jenny)." So there you go.

Coolfer is skeptical that even a big bland marketing effort will help excite people about MSN Music's big bland digital music service. Related: MSN Music plans to offer a subscription service. Welcome to 2003, Herr Gates.

Scenestars thinks the world stops spinning when their site goes down. Did anybody else feel it? Not us.

Administrative Note: Clicky Clicky Command Central is now home to a super little greyhound named Olive. We are, for the moment anyway, the type of blogger who talks about our pets. Oh well.

That is all.

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