June 20, 2005

"This is for the guys who go one two three four five six seven eight nine." Hockey Night.

Just a link dump tonight, as we had to entertain the tile guy and the city property assessment lady earlier this evening:

Stereogum discusses last week's Hit Me Baby One More Time, which we missed, and lists this week's contestants. Needless to say that this week we are pulling for the very underappreciated Greg Kihn (C'mon, "Breakup Song," "Jeopardy" -- pure genius), although we'll be interested to hear whether White Tiger pulls out "Wait" or "When the Children Cry." Note to higher power: Please don't let them play "When the Children Cry."

Coolfer again relays some interesting stats: According to UMG digital music czar Larry Kenswil, quoted in the Chicago Tribune, "almost 90 songs had sold more than 100,000 copies through online stores this year."

Bob Mould points to news links marking the loss of Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller, who succumbed to throat cancer Friday.

Chromewaves points us to info about the forthcoming Broken Social Scene record, which is slated to drop October 4. Start anticipating now.

The Mobius Band
's first proper full-length after four or five years of Eps will finally see release August 9th. You can see the cover art and track listing here.

That is all.


C-Dawg said...

I will eat my shorts if White Lion doesn't elect to perform "When The Children Cry." The trick is picking what their cover song will be. I'll go with a cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," which has an equally annoying chorus. . . or is that not dynamic enough for the powerhouse that is White Lion?

jbreitling said...

I dunno, I think going with a ballad on the show is a real bad move. As far as their cover goes, it is hard to come up with something that would match that guitarist's hammer-on heavy style. Perhaps they'll play a bluesy number to show off the guitar playing, like maybe that Clapton/BB King jam from a year or three ago.

Jay said...

Duly noted, but doesn't the show make them pick a current song? I had to crack up when Wang Chung did "Hot in Herrrrrrrrrrrre" last week. The whitest band in history dropping mad hip-hop shizz? Wow. Given this precedent, I predict White Lion will cover "Bootylicious."

jbreitling said...

I had a revelation riding home on the T -- I bet White Lion goes with a U2 number.