June 14, 2005

"I get the sense this is never gonna end." - The Texas Governor.

Understandably, at press time this afternoon, Pink Floyd, its most well known members, and Bob Geldof held the top five spots on the Yahoo Buzz Index for Music Movers, which basically is a list of the most-increased hit count for various Yahoo search terms. Curiously, the absolutely stellar original ska-punkers Operation Ivy were checking in at #9 today. We'll have to keep an eye on the Interwebs to figure out why that is.

There is some lame mention of the band at this article about an Alternative Press party, but that can't be it. Perhaps it is just the return of summer, which often makes us think of pumping Energy in the WPRS Jeep back in the day. Interesting note about Op Ivy -- they broke up following heavy major label interest from EMI. How would the whole Op Ivy legend have been different had they stayed together and signed? Hard to say, but everyone should have a copy of Energy for summertime beer drinkin.'

The Buddyhead MP3 blog has started doing this bit called Music 101, which is pretty similar to what the StyPod does in some respects. The idea is that they get people of some distinction (at least among the Buddyhead crowd) to wax nostalgic over what they believe to be crucial recordings. So here is John Stanier's entry; he apparently is in that rock act Battles. Here is some other guy's picks, he seems like he is in a metal band or something -- we like his list because it includes Slim Gaillard, who made the chillingist proto-rock with a pop swing in the late '30s and '40s. Finally, the inaugural post was made by a dude in the Buddyhead-signed Burning Brides, who we believe have some connection to Philly. Oh wait, there is one more list from a guy who has played with Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk, looks like that was the inaugural list. Anyway, doooo check it out.

The Music Cherry blog perpetuates comparisons between Slow Dazzle and Mazzy Star that we think are a little tenuous, but maybe our ear is unable to hear past the Slow Dazzle principals' past to hear the similarity. But regardless, Slow Dazzle is building some well-deserved buzz.

More CD copy protection bullshit from Sony BMG. Link via Coolfer.

That is all.

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Stanier was the original drummer in Helmet back when they were rocking the fvck out. Check it: