June 15, 2005

"Your third drink will lead you astray." - The Silver Jews.

reveals to us that under-rated Philly indie poppers Mazarin release their third record in August on a New York-based indie we've never heard of called I And Ear Records. The I And Ears site notes that the record features guest spots by our favorite Kurt Heasley, the guy who basically is The Lilys, as well as journeyman Don Devore and one of the dudes from The Walkmen (the picture of The Walkmen gracing its home page appears to depict the band in its recent performance in Harvard Square, FYI). We predict a lot of buzz about this when fall rolls around. Which reminds us we need to figure out if that Hisoft record ever came out.

We don't know how long it will be up, but you can watch a refreshingly spare and restrained version of "The Figurehead" performed live by the newly down-sized The Cure here. We think that the group's return to a three-piece might be the best thing that has happened to the band in 13 years. Link via The 'Nac.

Here’s something very cool: Bloc Party's Thursday night show in DC is getting broadcast live by NPR. Unfortunately, Thursday night is also the start of a long weekend with houseguests, so we won't be able to listen. But anyone who wants to catch the stream and parse it and post it for us somewhere, or deliver it to us on a shiny five-inch circular platter will earn much gratitude. Though we suspect NPR will archive the show. So maybe you should just sit around and drink beer instead. Thanks to LHB for the link.

Pitchfork has an item today about a copyright infringement suit brought against the Beastie Boys. Just imagine how screwed they would be if they had to go back and license all the samples for Paul's Boutique, perhaps the best record of the 1980s.

The ever smart Coolfer notes how Michael Jackson's Thriller record shot from Amazon's #8,436 top seller to its #358 top seller in the hours following the big verdict. People are weird.

That is all.


todd b. said...
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jbreitling said...


Well I am not sure if people are *that* wierd. But I am willing to keep an open mind.