June 8, 2005

"So how's your mom, and are you working the same place?" - Swearing At Motorists.

We just were moving some stuff hither and thither around the house when we distinctly heard some of that good old-fashioned indie rock on the television. It seems Brooklyn-based indie rockers Say Hi To Your Mom, who released a new record called Ferocious Mopes today that we are mid-way through reviewing for Junkmedia, have finally rode their excellent song "Let's Talk About Spaceships" into the mainstream, as the tune is featured in a promo for some MTV program or another. The song is from their 2004 record Numbers and Mumbles and you can download it from the band's web site (scroll down). We highly recommend you do, as the song even gained a coveted spot on one of our mix CDs last September, and it is getting beyond the point where you will be cool for knowing about them. The band was apparently Spin.com's band of the day today. Next stop, The O.C. We're guessing.

Say Hi To Your Mom's name always reminds us of Ohio's own Swearing At Motorists, whose excellent cut "Flying Pizza" covers related territory in its chorus. Right click and save as to download it.

Not a lot of interest found in our spin through our usual sites today, but here is some good news: AC/DC's Back In Black just became the fifth highest-selling record in the U.S. ever, according to the RIAA. As of now, the record has shipped (not sold?) 21 million units. Good work, AC/DC.

WMG is doing its financials Monday. Why not dial in and listen for old time's sake? If anything, we're glad to see Will Tanous is still attached to the label group. Real chill dude. Looks like they changed his phone number, but at least homey's still got a job, considering the upheaval surrounding Warners in the last three or four years.

There are exactly 7,600 songs in our ITunes and IPod today.

That is all.


H-Dawg said...

What you fail to mention in your AC/DC scoop, is that Back In Black is now actually tied for fifth highest selling record in the U.S. ever. The album is neck and neck with, and I gasped when I saw this: Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Vol. I + II. Billy Joel? Are you kidding me? Damn.

jbreitling said...

Yeah, we were trying to ignore that. But duly noted.

Jay said...

What's even worse is that the number one album is The Eagles Greatest Hits, which has hit 28 million. That's some pretty weak-ass shiznitt.