June 2, 2005

"Die young is far too boring these days." - Helmet.

We're currently watching the new National Broadcasting Corporation show Hit Me Baby One More Time. Purely just to see Loverboy. They rock (or shall we say, historically they have rocked). The show is only in its first minute and we can tell it is going to be a car wreck. For the record, Mike Reno is now really fat. He seems really unhealthy. OK, now the band is playing. How bad is your TV show that the big opening is a very grey and turgid iteration of Loverboy feebly rocking out? Anyway, just watch the video of the original song at the link supra. The version they played of "Working For The Weekend" live was horribly truncated. Oh man, this is bad. We can't keep writing about it...

Buried in this story about Tom Waits' former publisher suing for a larger cut of royalties from digital downloads: WMG's cut, and presumably its typical cut, of a $.99 download is $.67, or more than two-thirds the retail price. That is sort of interesting. We hadn't realized their slice of the pie (presumably for the mechanical royalty, though we can't really remember all the differences anymore) was so large. We assume WMG's cut includes a portion that is in turn paid to Waits, presuming any advance he had has recouped. Ditto for the publisher: presumably a cut of that goes to Waits, too. The point being that this story sounds like the publisher is going to bat for Waits, but in fact it just wants more money for itself. Guess that's no surprise.

Somehow we knew when we were seeing the Gang of Four show with BrighAAAAm last month that the performance would get written up at Pitchfork. Today Pfork obliges with a typically late but very solid review. Speaking of good show reviews, check out the New York Times' take on the Kraftwerk tour. They are the robots.

Getting indecent charges on your IPod battery? Sign up to get $50 bucks from them for your trouble.

FYI, Arrested Development just owned all the other bands. The host of this show needs to die. What an asshole.

In non-music-related reading: If you haven't been reading the Captain's Log lately, you've been missing out on some funny stuff.

That is all.

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Jay said...

Damn, I forgot that stoopid show was on. I remember seeing one of those VH1 "Where are they now?" specials about six or seven years ago and they had Fat Mike Reno sitting there in a shirt that read "Nirvana Killed My Career." What a tool.