June 23, 2005

"Yeah, hi Howard I'm back, and the other kids quit." - Small Factory.

We're offline from now until we can get caught up on our CD reviews. We need another rainy weekend to really get in a groove, but since that doesn't appear to be in the cards, we'll just have to work extra hard to get back on the stick. Four more discs came through the door today, making the pile pile still higher.

Not that we'll leave you empty-handed:

We've always loved Wayne Rosso for making the unequivocally provocative statement, and it is nice he's still keeping the "digital music space" interesting. Speaking in regards to Mashboxx, a P2P service he has gotten behind, Rosso goes straight to the heart of the matter: "It's highly unlikely that any Mashboxx user is going to be sued." The Grokster decision is expected soon, so expect to see many more Rosso quotes when the decision is issued.

That is all.

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