June 19, 2005

"What's my protection if I give up my fists?" -Judge

And we're back. Some follow-up to last week's discussion: Like Forrest Gump, BrighAAAAm describes a brush with almost-greatness from his epic road trip in the '80s:

...When I was in Albuquerque, my pals and I ended
up at a hardcore show at one of the local high schools
late one afternoon. Op Ivy showed up in an old green
Chrysler Something-or-Other with a big box strapped to
the top holding their gear.

As they were loading in, someone mentioned that they
were short an amp, or that they had blown one out or
something. My [buddies] schlepped
back to our pad to get [an] amp, and showed up a
while later only to find out that the band didn't need
it for some reason, probably because they got one from
one of the other bands.

I find it funny that they found some measure of
success, and that some of them dudes went on to form
Rancid, 'cause back in '88 in New Mexico they were
barely holding their [stuff] together it seemed.

Much like us, Mountain Goats dude and LPTJ shopkeep John Darnielle also loves/hates Hit Me Baby One More Time, and talks about Week #2's events here. Dig it. Even ILM is going nuts for the show. FYI, the best Mountain Goats song is "Cubs In Five."

IODA, which we discussed previously here and here, has just announced a service targeted at traditional retailers that will let them sell digital downloads. Not the first time someone has offered this, and certainly it won't be the last, but IODA has made inroads with some of our favorite indie labels and gotten their music online, so we pay attention. An old name is attached to IODA -- looks like Jill Mango (former MPRM? Or was she with Girlie Action?) has her own shop now is doing IODA's press.

That is all.


Jay said...

Damn, Briggy's got a story about everything. And that was one I had actually never heard before.

Hey, the lovely Jill Mango worked at Girlie Action back in tha day when they represented Napster and other digital entertainment outfits. She was pregnant toward the end of the Webnoize era, so I guess she decided to start her own shop rather than go back to being a "Girlie.

jbreitling said...

Yeah, I don't think I had heard that one from the Brigantine before either. He's been holding out on us. Congrats on the marathon selection, chief.