April 19, 2006

"Don't Wanna Work, I'm Too Lazy" - The Fall-Outs

Allie W. Behind A Wall Of Yeungling LagersYeah, it's been a long coupla days at the day job and we're feeling pretty slack. And tonight is "LOST" "Alias" night, on top of it all. So instead of busting our hump and doing an honest evening's work, we're going to point you over to Two And 1/2 Pounds of Bacon, the MP3 blog we contribute to on occasion. We've got a couple posts going over there right now for two of our favorite tracks, McLusky's "Light Sabre C*ck Sucking Blues" and Dresden Dolls' live version of "Coin-Operated Boy." Why not float over to The Bacon for today and we promise we'll be back tomorrow night with something new to read.

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