April 3, 2006

Free Range Music: Morrissey, The Concretes, Serena Maneesh

Morrissey -- Ringleader Of The TormentorsListening to the good stuff in AOL's weekly batch of pre-release album streams will confirm many of your suspicions about what to expect from the new discs in the racks tomorrow, and could help you make some hard choices before your doubt-ridden walk to the cash register. Here are the bullet points: First, the new Morrissey set is particularly spirited. Not so surprising after You Are The Quarry, but it is a good rock record with some engaging flourishes. Second, The Concretes set is delectable pop and the album opener "On The Radio" is an unbeatable amalgamation of things like the Partridge Family and, according to the missus, the theme song from the Jodie Foster-starrer "Freaky Friday." Serena Maneesh's hotly tipped self-titled joint is also part of AOL's listening party this week, although we don't think its official U.S. release is until May. Even so, the set is filled with alluring and chaotic noise. Remember how you felt the first time you heard Gish? We're feeling that a little bit with Serena Maneesh, although the music isn't analogous -- it's more the raw vibe. Pay particular attention to the strong cuts "Candlelighted" and "Selina's Melodie Fountain" (the name sorta reminds us of the Lilys cut "Elizabeth Colour Wheel, but we digress). There's a lot of gold this week, so try before you buy so you bring home the right indie rock this week.

The Concretes -- In Colour [stream]
The Flaming Lips -- At War With The Mystics [stream]
Morrissey -- Ringleader Of The Tormentors [stream]
Serena Maneesh -- Serena Maneesh [stream]

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