April 5, 2006

Today's Hotness: Futureheads, Mission of Burma, Joe Pernice

The Futureheads>> Word just came across the teletype that the forthcoming Futureheads record News And Tributes will be released by Vagrant/StarTime International in the U.S. June 13. Lucky denizens of the U.K. get the album two weeks earlier. The Futureheads' previous eponymous set was issued by Sire/StarTime -- this go 'round StarTime gets the whole enchilada. News And Tributes includes three tracks previously released as the Area EP on its first pressing. You can stream "Area" at the act's MySpace hizzy here.

>> For those of you waiting for your Mission of Burma vinyl singles, there is some speculative talk on the Matador boards tonight that singles will finally ship next week. A post from label helmer Patrick seems to suggest all eight singles may ship at once. Watching the board for confirmation on that. Watch along with us, why don't you? Here's the link.

>> Longstanding indie label Touch And Go Records will celebrate its 25th anniversary September 8-10 with 25 bands performing over the course of two and a half (2.5, get it?) days. The label has been situated for the previous 20 years in Chicago, where it will celebrate its anniversary at The Hideout, which itself is celebrating an anniversary (10 years). Acts slated to appear include Ted Leo +Pharmacists, Pinback, Shellac and Calexico. There's more info on the colossal shindig at the T+G web site here. The label also plans reissues and reduced record pricing on certain catalog titles as part of the celebration.

>> Our old friends at Junkmedia point out here that Chief Pernice Brother Joe Pernice will appear in an upcoming episode of "Gilmore Girls." Crazy. Apparently, Stars Hollow troubador Grant Lee Buffalo gets snatched up to tour with Neil Young and the quant town holds try-outs for a replacement. Anyway, the WB teen soap, known for its quick pop culture-laden banter and ready grasp of fairly decent music, has previously featured Pernice Brothers, Yo La Tengo and Pavement tunes in its soundtrack. Not sure when the Pernice episode runs, but we're sure you'll be watching anyway.

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