April 18, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 4.18.06

The Dresden Dolls -- Yes, VirginiaNot a bad week to do some record shopping. There are notable new releases from up-and-comers including Be Your Own Pet and The Lovely Feathers, veterans AFX and Geoff Farina, and even some mid-careerists like Dresden Dolls. The first discs into your basket this week should be The Lovely Feathers and Dresden Dolls. We're sad to say we listened to the AOL Music stream of the Richard Butler set and it didn't move us. If you are in the mood for a confounding release, Pfork makes the new Fiery Furnaces joint sound particularly frustrating. We felt like we got the straight deal from them on the Fiery Furnaces EP a couple years ago, and we're not sure when we'll be back on their wavelength again. That said, we haven't heard Bitter Tea, nor have we heard the AFX of Geoff Farina releases. All those releases are listed below, with links going to relevant commercial opportunities with our French tutors over at Insound.

AFX -- Chosen Lords -- Rephlex
Be Your Own Pet -- Summer Sensation EP -- Ecstatic Peace/Universal [Listen]
Richard Butler -- Richard Butler -- Koch [Listen]
The Dresden Dolls -- Yes, Virginia -- Roadrunner [Listen]
Geoff Farina -- Already Told You -- Southern
Fiery Furnaces -- Bitter Tea -- Fat Possum
The Lovely Feathers -- Hind Hind Legs -- Equator

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