April 17, 2006

Today's Hotness: Action Around The Internets

>> DigitalMusicNews reports here that MySpace has launched a live performance site called The List. The site features streaming video of live shows and other unspecified exclusive content from featured bands. Might be something to keep an eye on, although the first featured act is emo guys Thursday, and, well, you probably don't need to keep an eye on them.

>> Online indie music stalwart Brainwashed is celebrating its 10th anniversary with three days of shows in November. Performers confirmed for the dates include Michigan dronemeisters Windy & Carl, neo-goth popsters Dresden Dolls and electronic luminaries Keith Fullerton Whitman and Charles Atlas. Brainwashed is selling only 500 tickets to the event. More details here.

>> AllMusic.com has redesigned again, and is prominently featuring new columns and music videos in the revamped product. The more modular look is a marked improvement over the previous redesign, which we recall sparked a marathon of trashing in a far-too-long ILM thread. Why not check in?

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