April 10, 2006

Update: Mission of Burma Subscription Series

Mission of Burma>> As the label is hard at work resolving the minor SNAFU of the Mission of Burma subscription series, Matador has launched another initiative to promote the coming full-length from the legendary band. A new web site, Obliterati.net, is streaming a new song from the forthcoming record every three days for the next 24 days. There's even a clock on the site counting down to the placement of each successive track. Currently the site is offering the pummeling rocker "2wice." Obliterati.net allows registered fans to add their own content to the site, wiki-style. Visitors are also able to view the etchings that are at the core of the problem of why the There Is A Time And Place To Punctuate subscription series has been delayed. According to a bulletin board post Sunday (and a confirming email from Insound this morning), all eight copy-protected CD versions of the singles comprising the series will be shipped out to subscribers in a single batch this week. 12" vinyl versions will also ship in one group and may not ship until April 28, but possibly could come earlier. Mission of Burma's The Obliterati streets May 23.

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