April 6, 2006

Today's Hotness: Sonic Youth, The Glove

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon>> Frankly, we can't believe it has come to this. Two consecutive items about "Gilmore Girls." Well, let's have at it: Billboard reported today that Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and daughter Coco will appear in the season finale of the popular WB teen soap, which airs May 9. The Sonic Youth members apparently are big fans of the show, and the episode they will appear in is expected to be taped tomorrow. For their "Gilmore Girls" debut Thurston and Kim will perform an acoustic version of the track "What A Waste," a presumably electric version of which is to appear on the forthcoming SY set Rather Ripped, slated for release in June. Full details on this mind-numbing development here. In other Sonics news, Moore will be on the Marc Maron show on Air America late tonight talking about the new record, according to the band's web site. There's a link to the stream at SonicYouth.com

>> Billboard here has less cosmos-disturbing news regarding the forthcoming re-issue of the Steve Severin/Robert Smith collab The Glove. As part of a larger article regarding reissues of certain Siouxsie and The Banshees records, Severin states that the reissue of The Glove's sole record Blue Sunshine will feature bonus material including Robert Smith singing on rough mixes of some tracks his vocals didn't appear on in the commercial release. Severin said Fiction Records honcho Chris Parry had forbidden Smith from singing on Blue Sunshine, so most of the vocals were delivered by Jeanette Landray. However, Smith did end up appearing on two tracks, "Perfect Murder" and "Mr. Alphabet Says," with the understanding that those tracks wouldn't be used as singles. Additionally, Severin reports that he and Smith are considering recording a new record together. Blue Sunshine is expected to street in July around the time the next set of expanded Cure reissues hit racks.

>> Kudos to Pfork for a really engaging news item (more like article, there was reporting and everything for once) about the fall of indie distributor Studio. It is nice to see Pfork, with its relatively -- relatively -- grand resources do something more than regurgitate press releases (obviously, we're guilty of that ourselves, but Pfork, as we all recall from the Hipinions debacle, grosses tens of thousands of dollars in revenues annually, while we bring in zilch). Anyway, Pfork scribe Matthew Solarski does a good job of plainly explaining the relationships at work in indie music distribution and talks to a lot of artists and labels who got screwed out of months of royalties, sales and hardwork because of Studio's financial ties with larger corporate distribution entities. So a high five to you Solarski. If Pfork starts covering issues such as this on a regular basis, we think the site might really catch on...

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