April 11, 2006

Today's Hotness: Windsor For The Derby, Silver Jews, Jeremy Enigk

Windsor For The Derby>> Recent Philadelphia transplants Windsor For The Derby will reissue their first two records Calm Hades Float and Minnie Greutzfeldt August 22 on Secretly Canadian. The label got in touch to say each disc is packaged with bonus tracks including the Metropolitan Then Poland EP and revamped artwork. WFTD is already working on the successor to its roundly excellent 2005 release Giving Up The Ghost [which we reviewed for Junkmedia here]. Working title of the band's forthcoming seventh set: How We Lost. At its web site the band states mixing should begin shortly and be completed later this spring. The band is also slated to appear on the soundtrack of Sofia Coppola's forthcoming flick "Marie Antoinette."

>> Head over to Bradley's Almanac for a nice sounding recording (besides all the crowd chatter -- pipe down, jerks!) of the Silver Jews' recent show at Cambridge, Mass.'s Middle East Rock Club. The act, touring for the first time in its 15-year history, turns in a very solid performance, including a rendition of the act's all time greatest track in our opinion, "Trains Across The Sea." Song files and details here.

>> PunkNews reports that former Sunny Day Real Estate fronter and perhaps emo's most controversial born-again Christian Jeremy Enigk is finishing off his second solo set, which comes slowly... on... the... heels... of 1996's Return Of The Frog Queen. Enigk will issue the set on his own Lewis Hollow Records and it will be distributed via Sony BMG. More details here.

>> Chatter on the FreakScene message board here indicates that the primary obstacle in the way of the ready-to-go DVD release of the Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr./Nirvana tour documentary "1991: The Year Punk Broke" is getting the rights cleared by Nirvana/Kurt Cobain's estate. Perhaps Courtney Love's recent partnership and sale of certain Nirvana publishing rights will help pave the way for the DVD's release. More information about the effort to get the DVD in the hands of the people is located here.

>> Indie rock ne'er-do-wells The Mendoza Line will be recording over the next few months, according to a post from singer/guitarist Shannon McArdle on the band's web site here.

>> Got a report this AM that our man KoomDogg got his pack of eight Mission of Burma singles in yesterday's post. Additional messages to the Matador message board confirm that other folks have already received their sets as well; Our has yet to arrive. For those of you unsure of what the intended order of the singles is, check this message board post.

>> You Ain't No Picasso has a short interview here with notable Boston indie pop act Pants Yell!

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Jay said...

Hey mang,

Burma actually numbered the singles on the packaging, which is pretty sweet: It was done by Shepard Fairey, the guy who did all those Obey Andre the Giant posters.

Best of all, the songs rock most steadfastly.