April 18, 2006

Free Range Music: New Pornographers, Barbara Morgenstern

New Pornographers' Carl Newman>> The esteemed Bradley's Almanac has posted MP3s for the New Pornographers show we took in last Monday night here in Boston. It was a spirited performance. We haven't had a chance to hear the MP3s yet, but you should check them out here. Or try streaming them all via The Hype Machine's Flash player doohickey here.

>> BBC's Collective has a nice little package here about Berlin-based electronic artist Barbara Morgenstern's new record The Grass Is Always Greener featuring streams for the cuts "The Operator" and "Quality Time." Morgenstern's songs get a hearty thumbs up from us. The Grass Is Always Greener streets in the U.K. next week on Monika Enterprise.

>> It's no secret that we rep hard for '90s indie rock, and we don't apologize for it. What we do do (hu hu hu, we just said "do do") is get overly excited and woozy when we hear learn about a great up-and-coming act that sounds like it holds the same sort of reverence for Rocketship and Velocity Girl that we do. So you can imagine how woozy we were feeling this morning when listening to Jon Solomon's Local Support podcast and hearing Surefire Broadcast's poptastic track "Miles Apart." Seriously, stop what you are doing and go stream it at the Jersey trio's MySpace dojo here. "Miles Apart," from the band's Live From The A.M. EP released last year, is a clear standout. But the girl-group strummer "Inner Child" is also particularly strong, and there really isn't a loser in the four songs there. Dig it.

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