May 1, 2006

Free Range Music: Neil Young, Mobius Band, Less Good Stuff

>> It's one of those sorta dull weeks over at AOL Music's pre-release album stream depot. We already reviewed and linked to the Neil Young joint here over the weekend, so that doesn't count. This morning we sampled the new Charlatans UK, Pearl Jam and Ministry records, and nothing was really jumping out at us. The Pearl Jam joint sounds a bit like their excellent Vitalogy, which is always a good thing. If you know us well then you've probably heard the story about how KurtDog stuck a copy of Vitalogy in our trousers at a party in 1994 or so as part of a poorly thought-out scheme to abscond with the record. We gave up on the Ministry pretty easily, but mostly because we weren't in the mood: The anti-Bush sloganeering seemed pretty sophomoric, not that we disagree with it. Anyway, if you are curious, here are links to the more interesting streams:

The Charlatans UK -- Simpatico
Ministry -- Rio Grande Blood
Pearl Jam -- Pearl Jam
Neil Young -- Living With War

>> Fortunately, after that sort of disappointing slate of new releases, we've got an oldie but a goody to lift your spirits. Better late than never our pals in The Mobius Band have posted a video for the title track to their most recent set The Loving Sounds Of Static. For those of you who have been keeping track, "The Loving Sounds Of Static" was one of our top-five favorite jammitos of 2005. Here's the video linked below. We don't really understand the concept, but at least the band looks cool, right? Dig it:

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