May 23, 2006

Industry Watchdog: AMG, EMusic

>> Is AMG planning to take on If memory serves, the company AMG has just bought, MoodLogic, develops a music recommendation engine not unlike the one that powers, Pandora and, if you want to go back about six years, MongoMusic (which Microsoft bought for tens of millions). AMG already has one of the broadest bases of music editorial content (despite their never hiring us to write reviews, hiss hiss). If they pair that editorial with a solid recommendation engine, they could offer or power the back-end of a pretty compelling "personalized" streaming radio product. Just sayin.' Here's the link.

>> This ArsTechnica article says no. 2 digital music storefront EMusic is selling 5 million tracks a month and owns 12% of the market for digital downloads versus ITunes 61%. Of course, all sales are through different subscription tiers to the service's 175,000 subscribers. Just to throw a meaningless ballpark number out there, if all those sales are via the bottom-rung subscription level that prices tracks out at $.25 per, then EMusic is bringing in $1.25M per month. Perhaps most surprising? The average EMusic survivor is 39. [Via /.]

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