May 24, 2006

Today's Hotness: Thom Yorke, Arcade Fire, The Walkmen

Thom Yorke as The Eraser>> Pfork has a track-by-track review of Radiohead fronter Thom Yorke's forthcoming set The Eraser. Those lucky bastards. Here's what we can tell you: First, none of the song titles are capitalized. Does Thom Yorke hate uppity capital letters? Were they invented by Margaret Thatcher? Ah, who are we kidding, you should probably just read the Pfork item here. Here is a synopsis of the piece comprised of every 27th word: "Back a Eraser Yorke's at in, chorus, launch it a lends is hip-hop f*cked you almost..." Well, you get the idea.

>> Probably one of the best blog posts we've read in a while comes courtesy of Arcade Fire's Will Butler, who contributes a fascinating piece to Said The Gramophone that discusses the linkage between rock and roll and the rise of democracy in the Czech Republic. Read the whole kit and kerbango right here.

>> In case you are not privy to this sort of thing, you can stream the brand-new set from The Walkmen, A Hundred Miles Off, at MySpace's The Booth here. Dig it, and do stick with it long enough to hear the cover of Mazarin's "Another One Goes By." Incidentally, The Walkmen kick of about five weeks of touring tonight in New York City. Chances are they are also coming to your town. Check out all the dates at the band's MySpace yert here.

>> Tonight is the night that in-studio performance from Scranton, PA-based pop geniuses Okay Paddy airs on WPRB Princeton. You'll want to stream the radio station signal or see if you can snatch the set archived at Mr. Solomon's


Anonymous said...

Here's £5 stating that I bet the Thom Yorke solo record sounds like it should have been on Warp about six years ago.

Jay said...


jbreitling said...

Mr. Anon-

Word is Yorke's record doesn't sound overly electronic. I think it is more likely that Yorke's record is a better fit with the diversified Warp of 2005/6. I am not saying that is a better Warp than Mach 2000/1, just different.


Jay said...

I'm sorry, did you say something? I was just listening to a message from Whoopi Goldberg on It's the Whoopiest!