May 3, 2006

Primal Scream <3's The Wannadies?

The Wannadies -- Bagsy MePrimal Scream -- Country GirlPresuming the graphic above the item for the new Primal Scream single Pfork reviewed in its Tracks section this morning is the art for the single (and it is, we just checked), we think it is worth pointing out the whole eerie dreamer/corpse girl imagery is straight-up ganked from our favorite Swedish popsters The Wannadies (seriously, have you heard the song "Hit"?). The latter act's "Hit," "Shorty" and "Someone Somewhere" singles, Bagsy Me album and the self-titled hits collection of 1997 all featured such images. Even the font is the same. What gives? Perhaps we'll do some research... or perhaps not.

But anybody with any insight feel free to leave a comment. Or if anybody has all of the Wannadies stuff as 12"s with album jackets in good condition, we think they'd look really cool hung on our wall. Unfortunately the vinyl appears to be selling for between $40 and $110 USD on the Interweb. We need to move to the U.K.

Crazy man, crazy.


tyler Wilcox said...

hi jay - what's weirder about the primal scream artwork is right here:

jbreitling said...

Oh man, Tyler, you just blew my mind.
Sorry to anybody viewing ::cc:: in IE today. Looks like I need to resize those album covers tonight so either they or the text aligns all nicey nice. I saw David Sedaris last night and didn't have time to tinker and check all the different browsers and etc.