May 11, 2006

Today's Hotness: Boards Of Canada, Juana Molina, Ingenting

Boards Of Canada -- Trans Canada Highway>> Warp Records is promoting Scottish electronic duo Boards Of Canada's forthcoming Trans Canada Highway EP with a video trailer of sorts that you can access here. Just a warning that the trailer mashes together a lot of disparate imagery, including some pretty vivid, well, pornography about three-quarters of the way through the clip. So if you don't want to see people doing things that you don't like seeing, don't click through the link. Trans Canada Highway streets on the most Satanic release date of the century, 6/6/6. You can download the video for its lead track "Dayvan Cowboy" here.

>> We don't think we've reported that erstwhile Argentine TV star and current electronic music goddess Juana Molina releases her fourth record Son June 5 in the U.K., and presumably the following day in the U.S. The set apparently features percussive vocals not unlike beat-boxing along with other things approaching scat singing to go along with Ms. Molina's usual hypnotic instrumentation. Which frankly sounds awesome. In related news, Molina's Domino labelmates Archie Bronson Outfit release a new single in early July. The blues-rockers' "Dead Funny" hits racks in the U.K. July 3.

>> We don't know any Swedish, so we can't really tell you anything about Swedish indie pop act [ingenting]'s tune "Slapp In Solen" except that it is really, really good. The tune is from the band's recently released five-song EP Sommardagboken, which was issued by dominating Swedish pop merchants Labrador.

[ingenting] -- "Slapp In Solen"
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