May 15, 2006

Today's Hotness: The Concretes, The City On Film, Guns N' Roses

The Concretes -- In Colour>> BrooklynVegan here confirms something postulated here by BadmintonStamps last week, namely that The Concretes were robbed of a lot of crucial gear while in NYC late last week. The act played here in Boston earlier that week, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Bradley's Almanac will post the set sometime soon [Looks like The 'Nac missed the show, but you can expect a Mogwai set to be posted sometime soon. Dig it]. Incidentally, MarathonPacks saw The Concretes in Chicago over the weekend. He doesn't particularly like the new record and here says he thought the live Concretes spectacle lacked a whole lot of, well, spectacle.

>> PunkNews here points to the sad news the Bob Nanna, the driving force behind notable indie acts such as Friction, Braid, Hey Mercedes and his current project The City On Film, is fighting lymphoma.

>> "Hey where's Tommy? Someone find Tommy, We're out on the road..."

>> It was a big day for the :: clicky clicky :: inbox today. This morning's mail at the day job brought The Boo Radleys' amazing 1992 set Everything's Alright Forever. The afternoon drop-off brought Refused's Refused Are F*cking Dead DVD, the 33 1/3 Series book about Beastie Boys' 1989 set Paul's Boutique (we've already read the first 12 pages and it is fascinating) and Boyracer's newly issued double CD retrospective Punker Than You In '92, which has SEVENTY FIVE tracks. Yes, you read that right. Anyway, we are excited to plough through all that. But wait, we got home from work and found packages including the forthcoming Sonic Youth and The Walkmen records. We've already had the Sonic Youth for months, but, yowza, that's a lot of great records for one day.


Brad said...

Sadly, you can uncross your fingers. Didn't make it to the Concretes show last week.

Mogwai set sometime today, though...

jbreitling said...

Gah, oh well. A Mogwai set will do just as nicely.