May 17, 2006

Today's Hotness: Goldfrapp, Voxtrot, Joan Of Arc

Goldfrapp>> If you or your Tivo are staying up tonight later than, say, LOST, electropop luminaries Goldfrapp will be performing on David Letterman's late-night gum-flapper. Additionally, Goldfrapp recently recorded a set for KEXP that you can access right here.

>> Austin, Texas-based indie pop revivalists Voxtrot sent an email pointing out that the nice folks that operate Schedule Two have posted videos of the band performing live here. The files are in Quicktime and if you've got one of those so-called IPods that plays the moving pictures on it you can apparently "download" the files to "it." Great video and great sound quality. These Schedule Two guys really have got it going on. Voxtrot hits the road May 20 for 10 days of dates. You can find all details at the band's MySpace dungeon here.

>> Avant indie rockers Joan of Arc will mark the 10-year anniversary of its first show by issuing two new records, the odds 'n' sods set The Intelligent Design Of Joan Of Arc and a record of new material titled Eventually, All At Once. Both records street July 25.

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