May 7, 2006

Review: Asobi Seksu | Citrus

Asobi Seksu -- CitrusLet's just jump ahead to the part where you don't believe that Asobi Seksu's new record can possibly be as good as we say it is, and then we say, "It is. It really, really is." The Brooklyn-based nu-gaze act's triumphant sophomore record, which is now streaming in full at the band's site here, surpasses expectations to such an extent that it even delivers on promises made and broken by other bands years ago. If you were disappointed with second efforts from Velocity Girl, fourth efforts from Ride, or never-released efforts by the elephant in the shoegaze room, My Bloody Valentine, Asobi Seksu is here to take you in the crushing embrace of its distortion, reverb and melodies and soothe your tormented, savage breast.

Citrus is an unbroken strand of winners, 12 tracks of guitar-heavy indie pop that glisten as they crumble down around you in layers of alternately skeletal and pounding guitars, thickly applied fuzz bass and icy synths. The record touts both dynamic and punchy pop numbers ("Goodbye," "Nefi+Girly") and textured and gorgeous slow-burning dreamscapes ("Exotic Animal Paradise," "Red Sea" -- which we currently have posted over at Two And 1/2 Pounds Of Bacon). Citrus, a :: clicky clicky :: Now Sound Fave (see right-hand column), streets May 30 on Friendly Fire, which is already taking pre-orders here.

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