May 2, 2006

Today's Hotness: Radiohead, Okay Paddy, Replacements

Radiohead>> NME reports here that three new Radiohead songs performed yesterday by Mssrs. Yorke and Greenwood at an environmental benefit show in the UK have found their way online. The new numbers are titled "Arpeggi," "Body Snatchers" and "Cymbal Rush." We suspect you'll be able to find these widely dispersed via Hype Machine by the time this sentence gets online [we just doublechecked and voila! The Rawking Refuses To Stop has the hookup, YSI stizz]. We've had a different live version of "Arpeggi" on our IPod from a Radiohead appearance at the Ether Festival in March 2005, so we can already tell you that is a great, Philip Glass-ish tune. We look forward to hearing the others as soon we get done this post.

>> Clicky Clicky favorite Okay Paddy will be playing a live set on Jon Solomon's radio show on WPRB Princeton May 24th at 8PM. As always, the set will be archived here at You should tune in or catch the stream here. Speaking of Solomon's show, last week's episode included some great new tunes by The Swimmers, whose tune "Heaven" you can stream here, and the new JoJo Sweenzo project The Drug Byrds. Nowhere to point to for that act just yet, unfortunately. Just twiddle those thumbs and pine, pine, pine...

>> Mats fans will get a chance to hear the two new "Replacements" songs ("Message To The Boys" and "Pool & Dive") Thursday when they are premiered on radio program The Jim Rome Show. The songs were recorded by the surviving replacements and guests late last year. The Jim Rome Show starts at noon Eastern Standard Time and Westerberg and Tommy are slated to call in -- catch the stream here. If that is too much remembering to do, apparently Rhino also has samples of the tunes sitting right here. Rhino releases Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? The Best Of The Replacements June 16.

>> Incidentally, in case you just awoke from a coma or something, Billboard's got your Sonic Youth summer tour dates here. No Boston show? Really? And BrooklynVegan's got your Radiohead tour dates here. Why not play the Orpheum instead, lads? And while we're dreaming, how about some free tickets up front?


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