May 14, 2006

MA State Of Emergency YouTube Rodeo

XTCIt's raining like hell in New England, and has been for a couple days. We don't recommend going outside anytime soon. So if the simultaneous "Brady Bunch" and "Gilmore Girls" marathons aren't cutting it for you anymore, then we've got the antidote in the form of this list of musical goodnesses found on the YouTube.

Here's the campy video for XTC's classic "Making Plans For Nigel." Here's a disjointed video of Royal City performing in the U.K. shot just weeks before the excellent Canadian act disbanded. Here is Mclusky performing live in Phoenix, Ariz. their high-energy and definitely potty-mouthed screamer "Light Saber C*ck Sucking Blues." For the other side of the Mclusky coin, here is the video for the defunct Scottish trio's upbeat pop number "She Will Only Bring You Happiness," a song which, if you're asking, wouldn't be out of place of Mock Orange's very good First EP of a few years back. Let's see, what else... Here's the last 90 seconds of the recently re-activated Superchunk performing "Precision Auto" at SXSW earlier this year. And here's the first 40 seconds or so. Here's the video for The Sundays' breakthrough tune "Here's Where The Story Ends." We remember being very disappointed to learn in the early '90s that the act's singer Harriet Wheeler was married to the guitar player in the band. Finally, there's a large contingent of Stone Roses videos on YouTube, and you could very easily kill an evening just watching those. Here's "Elephant Stone" to get you started.

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