August 8, 2006

Rack And Opinion: Release Date 8.08.06

The Cure -- The Head On The Door [Deluxe]We maintained a solemn vigil throughout the day, monitoring the hourly mail rounds at the office, hoping for the arrival of a package from Amazon containing our four pre-orders for today's release date: the deluxe reissues of The Cure's The Top, The Head On The Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and The Glove's Blue Sunshine. The Cure was pretty much the end-all, be-all for us in the late '80s, so the prospect of owning these reissues (of releases we'd mostly only owned on cassette before) is akin to as many Christmases in a single day. Sadly, the package did not arrive, so we'll have to wait another day.

As far as new releases go, this isn't the hugest release date, but if you factor in those Cure reissues and the super reissue of Sebadoh's III, today starts to look like a pretty big day. The brand-new stuff isn't too shabby either, and includes the Matthew Friedberger double album and the Kaki King joint we talked about yesterday, as well as Philadelphia nu-gazer Relay's Type/Void EP on Bubble Core. Those releases and the rest of our picks for the best new (well, "new") stuff of the week are listed below. Links go to relative commercial opportunities with our former pizza delivery guys over at Insound.

The Cure -- The Top [Deluxe Ed.] -- Rhino
The Cure -- The Head On The Door [Deluxe Ed.] -- Rhino
The Cure -- Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me [Deluxe Ed.] -- Rhino
Dirty Pretty Things -- Waterloo to Anywhere -- Interscope
Matthew Friedberger -- Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School -- 859 Recordings
The Glove -- Blue Sunshine [Deluxe Ed.] -- Rhino
Kaki King -- ... Until We Felt Red -- Velour Recordings
Relay -- Type/Void EP -- Bubble Core Records
Sebadoh -- III -- Domino

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