May 13, 2008

Today's Hotness: Maybe It's Reno, CocoRosie, Nosferatu D2

Maybe It's RenoMaybe It's Reno
"Gravestones and Christmas Trees" (mp3)
from Maybe It's Reno
(Teenbeat Records)
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>> We were holding the new record from former Unrest bassist Bridget Cross in our hands Sunday and we opted to put it down in order to get deluxe editions of certain records we name below. Well, we also put it down because it was selling for $13, which for a cheapskate like us with a substantial music buying habit is 30% more than we are comfortable spending on a single CD. But anyway, after hearing the promo track "Gravestones And Christmas Trees" and streaming samples from Ms. Cross' new set under the moniker Maybe It's Reno we are strongly questioning that decision, as the music is superlative. Cross is joined on the self-titled set at various times by her former Unrest bandmates Mark Robinson, who also runs Teenbeat Records, and drummer Phil Krauth. Everybody thank IODA Promonet for the MP3 on the count of three: 1, 2, 3.

>> We have strong opinions about luxury brands, particularly relative to their utility and perceived importance in a world filled with catastrophe, disease and starvation. If you think we're being overly dramatic we invite you to click over to The Washington Post web site to look at the photo stream it posted today of body parts and shattered buildings in China. All that said, this animation created to glorify a certain "high-end" "fashion" "line" is mesmerizing. And the soundtrack was created by Brooklyn-based sister act CocoRosie. The duo's most recent set The Adventures of Ghost Horse And Stillborn was issued by Touch + Go in April 2007. You may recall this song being on it.

CocoRosie -- "Rainbowarriors" -- The Adventures of Ghost Horse And Stillborn
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>> This Crave item about new and improved Tamagotchis seems an appropriate enough reason to post the mighty Nosferatu D2's incredible "Broken Tamagotchi." So here it is below. Holy cow that band -- now sadly defunct -- was good. You can download a whole mess of Nosferatu D2 stuff from the band's Last.FM page here. And for those of you not familiar with our prior posts praising all things Ben Parker [1, 2, 3], you can follow Mr. Parker's latest musical exploits as Superman Revenge Squad here.

Nosferatu D2 -- "Broken Tamagotchi" -- Nosferatu D2
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Gargantuan Media said...

Nosferatu D2 is very hard track down but a ridiculously great, funny and low key mix of meaningful lyrics and post-modern rock.

Thanks for the links.