May 27, 2008

YouTube Rodeo: Hip Young Things' "Gizmo" Live

Readers may recall we included under-known German act Hip Young Things in a recent Muxtape, and truth be told we mention the band every year or two because of our affinity for their 1994 set Shrug, and because we figured out several years ago that the band included future Schneider TM principal Dirk Dresselhaus. But we digress. It never occurred to us to look for video clips of Hip Young Things until this evening. But here they are performing the upbeat strummer "Gizmo" at a club that we presume to be in Germany. The performance isn't all that remarkable, but the existence of the footage is. That said, the clip has some amusing footage inserted. And we are always amused how 20-something indie rockers the world over tend to look the same no matter what country. Anyway, enjoy the tune.

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