May 22, 2008

While You Were Out: The Return Of Belaire

>> Could there be more be any more synths in the newest iteration of Austin, Texas-based synthpop act Belaire? When we last wrote about the band here two years ago it had just gone on hiatus and had intended to complete a full-length follow up to the very nice self-titled 2005 EP. Funny thing about the band, which we think has shared members with Voxtrot at some point: according to this post Belaire was the whole reason we broke down and joined MySpace in 2005. Anyway, apparently the planned full-length was released while our eye was off the ball: it is called Exploding, Impacting and it was issued in 2007 on Indierect (and we just mail-ordered it).

The latest and greatest about the band is that it has a new line-up: a quintet including three synth players, a bassist/guitarist and a drummer. The act played a reunion show at the Mohawk club in Austin last month, and it plans to head out on tour next month; full tour dates are below. The video clip above is from the reunion gig, wherein they play the EP highlight "Back Into The Wall." Head over to Belaire's MySpace wigwam here where you will find all manner of new music -- at least new to us -- to listen to. Below we've posted the bouncy and curiously acoustic guitar-led delight "You Really Got Me Goin.'" Although now that we think about it, "Ces Mots" from the EP had acoustic guitar in it. Anyhoo, here is your indie pop.

Belaire -- "You Really Got Me Goin'" -- Exploding, Impacting
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[buy Belaire records from Indierect right here]

06/10 -- Emo’s -- Austin, TX
06/25 -- Star Bar -- Atlanta, GA
06/27 -- Cake Shop -- New York City, NY
06/28 -- Market Hotel -- Brooklyn, NY
06/29 -- The Red and The Black -- Washington, DC
06/30 -- Go Bar -- Athens, GA
07/19 -- Pitchfork after-party in Chicago -- Chicago, IL

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