March 8, 2007

Coming To Your Local Bandstand: Dirty On Purpose

While they may be our most "bandstanded" band, it has been quite a long time since we've checked in on Brooklyn quartet Dirty On Purpose. Almost five months, actually. But today we watched a pretty intense clip at BaebleMusic of the band performing a new track we don't know the name of live. As you might imagine, if you click the link above you, too, can watch the video. It's warts and all, so you may hear a couple guitar flubs in there, but more importantly the clip shows the band's increasing facility with big dynamics and bigger moments. It's exciting to watch.

As we've reported elsewhere, Dirty On Purpose's debut full-length Hallelujah Sirens was released on North Street last June [read our review here], and according to Dirty On Purpose's MySpace hacienda it ended up on a number of year-end lists. Our take was that the record comprised "a solid set of moody, guitar-geared indie rock numbers, many of them beautiful and affecting ("Fake Lakes," "Kill Our City") and some with engaging compositional touches ("Always Looking," "Always Looking 2")." Since the album's release the act has created a couple videos that you can watch on the InterWeb (here's the Olivia Newton-John/aerobics one, and here's the new one for "Car No Driver," which is actually our least favorite DOP song, and, well, the video isn't really changing our mind). But none of that is why we're here today. The reason we're here is to show you some tour dates, which we've posted below. Surprise, surprise, the band will represent at SXSW. But then they will do a whole lot more representing out west and then back east. Download the old chestnut "Mind Blindness" and peruse the dates why don't you?

Dirty On Purpose -- "Mind Blindness" -- Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow
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[Buy Hallelujah Sirens from Newbury Comics here]

Dirty On Purpose: InterWeb | MySpace | YouTube | Flickr

03/09 -- New World Brewery -- Tampa, Florida
03/10 -- Common Grounds -- Gainesville, Florida
03/11 -- Cafe Eleven -- St. Augustine, FL
03/12 -- Beta Bar -- Tallahassee, FL
03/14 -- Beauty Bar -- Austin, TX
03/15 -- Antone's -- Austin, TX
03/16 -- Maggie Mae's -- Austin, TX
03/19 -- The Paper Heart -- Phoenix, AZ
03/20 -- Echo -- Los Angeles, CA
03/22 -- Detroit Bar -- Costa Mesa, CA
03/23 -- Rickshaw Shop -- San Francisco, CA
03/25 -- Kilby Court -- Salt Lake City, UT
03/26 -- Hi-Dive -- Denver, CO
03/27 -- Jackpot -- Lawrence, KS
03/28 -- The Waiting Room -- Omaha, NE
03/29 -- Schubas Tavern -- Chicago, IL
04/07 -- DC9 -- Washington, DC
04/14 -- Bowery Ballroom -- New York, NY

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