March 12, 2007

Free Range Music: Tim Bracy, Logh, Dirty On Purpose

Tim Bracy>> Large-Hearted Boy here hipped us to a new recording from Mendoza Line principal Tim Bracy. Mr. Bracy has contributed the cut "Rare Entertainment" to help promote a new novel "Heart Shaped Box" by a fellow named Joe Hill. The track is streaming here, and you can download it wrapped in a .zip file at that link as well. "Rare Entertainment" recalls Bracy's work in his Mendoza Line-less but Shannon McArdle-Bracy-fortified side project Slow Dazzle, which released the very good The View From The Floor in 2005. While we're talking about Mendoza Line, let's again lament here the lack of any information in the blogosphere about an EP and "hits" "collection" supposedly in the offing with Misra Records. We're not sure if the recent reconfiguration of Misra and certain personnel has changed those plans, which we first reported here (11 months ago) and here respectively, at all. But if we learn something we will let you know.

Tim Bracy -- "Rare Entertainment"

>> Swedish slow-core movers and shakers Logh are giving away the first single off their forthcoming set North for free. As we've discussed elsewhere, it is called "Saturday Nightmares" and it is a bit too singer-songwritery for our tastes. But it is growing on us. Here is the MP3 below, with which you can develop your own opinions. The sextet's fourth full-length will be released in Sweden on Bad Taste March 28 and will be available throughout Europe April 9. No word yet on UK and US releases.

Logh -- "Saturday Nightmares" -- North
[right click and save as; pre-order North here]

>> Brooklyn nu-gaze quartet Dirty On Purpose has posted a live version of its tune "Car No Driver" for download at its MySpace wigwam here. And as usual we can't get the link to work at MySpace so we aren't hot-linking the file here. The track was recorded live at The Earl in Atlanta just last week. As we noted recently, "Car No Driver" is our least-favorite Dirty On Purpose track. And this version doesn't change that. But we think the band is the bee's knees, so check it out.

>> No Idea is now streaming in its entirety veteran indie act J. Church's The Horror Of Life right here. Definitely stick around to hear "Tomorrow And Forever," which has a verse featuring an irresistible Smiths bass bounce. J. Church main man Lance Hahn is a pop-punk genius.

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